How do you know if you really need an interior designer?

You may have an idea of what you want, but are not sure where exactly to begin. A professional interior designer will guide you through the creative design process with a well thought out plan to help you avoid costly mistakes: furniture that is not the correct scale, colors that don't flow or incorporate the interior architecture.  An interior designer will ensure that contractors and workrooms are providing quality work.  We will expose you to fresh ideas while providing solutions for your design needs.


Jessica Margot Design's (JMD) Mission

We will work closely with you to design spaces that are gorgeous, yet still functional and practical.  We will help you avoid common costly mistakes.  We will fulfill your needs and ensure you are at ease with our mutual decisions.   We will transform your house into a home.


JMD Interior Design Process

Initial Design Consultation

JMD offers a complimentary meeting at your home to experience the space and discuss your scope of work, thoughts and needs.  We establish with you the design direction and project budget.  Generally we make a wish list and then prioritize based on the timeline and budget.

Design Fee Structure

Based on the initial consultation, JMD prepares a design agreement that outlines the scope of services to be rendered.   We discuss more detailed questions regarding your needs, space utilization and budget.  Once we agree upon the scope and estimated spend, we require a retainer before proceeding with your project. We bill monthly for our services rendered at the agreed upon hourly rate.

Detailed Measuring

If you have blueprints or electronic drawings for your home, JMD requests those at this time.   We will have a follow-up consultation in your home for any measurements still needed, as well as an evaluation of existing conditions and furnishings.

Space Planning

JMD proposes a floor plan to address your needs and generally provides 2 or 3 layout options to explore the function of the space.   We aim to create the best flow and layout with the other areas in your home.

Interior Design Concept Presentation

With the preferences and needs gleaned from prior meetings, JMD presents a preliminary conceptual design scheme.  We show a variety of elements to help you visualize the design plan: architectural mood pictures; hardware samples; lighting cut sheets; wall / window treatments swatches; as well as, samples of flooring, countertops, and cabinetry finishes.  Once you approve the concept, we may have additional meetings in showrooms and at your home to view new materials and samples.   We also discuss and finalize specific design details and custom work during this phase.

Project Management

JMD introduces and recommends contractors based upon the scope of the project.  The contractors provide a negotiated bid based on current market rates and the project timeline.  We evaluate and help you select the right professional for your needs.  JMD conducts pre- and post- construction meetings to ensure the design is executed as envisioned and the quality of work is at the highest levels.


JMD oversees the actual furniture placement and ensures proper installation of art and accessories.   We will do a final walk through with the client addressing any final adjustments and ensuring that punch list items are completed.